Foil Hat Day 2021

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Foil Hat Day 2021

by LarrySwinger » Fri Aug 27, 2021 9:46 pm

In this thread, you can share your photos and footage for Foil Hat Day 2021. The campaign is explained on

There are a couple of options for sharing:
  1. Right here in this thread. This is the preferred way, as your content is immediately published here.
    1. Click on the "Post reply" button below.
    2. Click on the Attachments tab below the text box, and upload your files (20 max).
    3. You don't need to register, and it will be posted anonymously by default, but feel free to include your name in the field above the text box.
    4. State in the body whether or not the footage can be used for Jason's documentary and click "Submit".
  2. For big files (1 GB or bigger), we ask that you upload it elsewhere. We recommend You could also use Google Drive if you have enough free space there. Then, you can share the link here.
  3. If you want your photos or footage to be used for Jason's documentary, but don't want to share it here: register an account here and send it to me via private message.