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Welcome to Incantation!

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Hi there. This is Incantation, a site that started as an idea to have a more discussion-centric forum for discussing conspiracies, but also grew out of a discontent with the way Saidit was being run, and aims to function as a lifeboat for the sinking ship that that site has become. Discussion-centric in that it uses a traditional forum layout with a bump system and the ability to subscribe to individual threads, as opposed to the short lived threads that the news-centric Reddit software focuses on. This ensures that threads gain visibility based on how much engagement there is. I want this forum to be easily accessible. That's why guest posting is enabled. This can lead to problems with trolls in the future. My vision is to gradually deal with this as it becomes a problem, for example by requiring guest posts to be approved first, and the same for newly registered users. While the site is small, we can enjoy the flexibility that we have now.

Usually, a phpBB instance lacks a couple of features that Reddit clones have. Specifically, it isn't as geared toward sharing links, because simply having a link in the body of your post makes it look like spam. However, I have installed extensions that accomodate for this. There's one that allows users to embed videos using the [media] tag. It supports a range of websites, including Youtube and Bitchute. There's another extension that allows users to upload images, which will then be embedded, like on an imageboard. This makes it easy to share media the way you're used to; that leaves us with articles. These can be shared by copy/pasting the link, as well as quoting the body of the article.

Another Reddit-specific feature is the ability for users to create their own communities. I aim to emulate this by manually creating boards for users on their request. See this thread.

With these gaps being filled, I feel like this forum can provide the best of both worlds and be a better alternative to the Reddit clones you often see in the conspiracy aware community.

Saidit is clearly a predecessor to this site, but I would say 4chan is too, to a degree. Firstly, this site looks more similar to 4chan, and functions similarly with guest posting and the image embedding extension enabled. Secondly, I want to cater to the kind of user that visits 4chan, as a lot of them are both conspiracy aware, and smart. I don't want to become like 4chan, however. This forum is intended as a place for civil discussion, not one where anything goes. I also want to avoid becoming yet another far-right forum. I don't want to censor people based on their political speech, but I do think it's important that we don't get blindly assimilated into a divisive group identity. If we want to be effective in bringing about change, we have to place wisdom centrally, and neither let ourselves be portrayed as a bunch of angry people, nor become that.

On the subject of which: bringing about change really is where I want the focus to lie. We are the few who actually understand the reality of conspiracies and diabolical agendas. In isolation, one may become demoralized by that and believe it cannot be stopped. But now it's time to move beyond the apathy, realize that change is possible, get together, and discuss how we want to go about things. We have to develop our own PsyOps with which we bring about positive change. Moreover, we have to aim for more than just going back to the way things were and instead think about what kind of world we want to create, and start doing it. We have to create new forms of culture.

As you've probably noticed, this website has a strange looking URL. That's because it's a Hidden Service that operates through Tor. The main URL is http://ynpxg2vmxftysze4cxqxao4ylv22vtfp ... miqd.onion and the Tor Browser is required to access it. But it's also accessible from clearnet via https://ynpxg2vmxftysze4cxqxao4ylv22vtf ... d.onion.ly (onion.ly is a Tor gateway). Please use that link when sharing the URL with others. Note the s in https here: that letter is important, because without it, you won't be logging in securely. And likewise, if you convert a .onion.ly link to a .onion one, be sure to remove the same s, or it won't find the server (hidden services don't use https when accessed directly).

Please note that this is still a learning experience for me. I possess the know-how to set this up, but I have little experience in running a public website, and zero on the scale that this is intended to become. This site is also not being hosted professional (for now). Therefore, anticipate downtime.

Finally: even though this site came forth out of a team endeavour inside the Cassy group, note that this is not the definitive forum that comes out of it. We agreed that I would have my own forum, because I like to do things my way. The team is deploying a Lenny instance in parallel, and then this will become a sister site to that.

I invite you to bookmark this page (better than trying to memorize the URL), and then to introduce yourself. Enjoy your stay.
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