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Here are some snippets I want to share, find across the web.

A comment from a retired nurse, writing on the Steve Kirsch blog:
I don't like sounding negative, but I am highly suspicious that:

(1) the pandemic is anything but "over".

(2) those of us opposed to the Globalist agenda are not getting through to enough people yet to save all those kids that have not yet been poisoned. The media censorship is pretty effecive.

(3) a lot more innocent kids are going to get injected

(4) we may not have even seen the tip of the iceberg yet. Who knows what the spike's prions are doing in people's brains? The increase in CJD is very bizarre. And the autoimmune damage? And slowly developing tough, rubber-like clots in blood vessels?

(5) we may need to work out some way to prepare ourselves psychologically for increasingly horrific news about injuries and deaths to come, includung many, many more hurt kids, because this could still get 'way worse. What kinds of coping strategies do First Responders use? We don't want to become "collateral damage victims" because of psychological trauma or PTSD. We may be the only ones left to try to rebuild a human-based world after this is over and the Globalist bastards get put in their place. We need to remain fully functional in spite of what may come, not freaked out and in "freeze mode".
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