Are you growing anything?

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Are you growing anything?

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I've got kale, cabbage, carrots, herbs of all kinds going really well. Also kohlrabi, beets.

Transplanted in a bunch wild raspberries earlier, probably no fruit this year but just getting established.

We discovered a rhubarb growing under a potted plant, surviving pretty well without sunlight! Seems like it is taking some time to get used to being free.

How about you?

(I know there is at least *one* user here who has some good plants I've seen on Saidit)
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Re: Are you growing anything?

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Yep, I've got roma and beefsteak tomatoes, tomatillos, kale and Japanese bunching onions growing right now. The latter two are struggling in the summer heat and I don't know if they'll pull through.
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