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I have been away a while. Trying to reduce me social media presence. I still have not found a good forum that is not full of shills, disinformation, misinformation and time wasting deflection.

I have been listening to many podcasts and reading, re-reading as much philosophy as time allows. "Philosophize This!" and "The Sunday Stoic" are two of my faves. Currently reading Seneca's "On Anger."

The main reason for this post relates to the title. I consider myself a Stoic as this philosophy really feels like the right fit for me. Marcus Aurelias is a real role model of mine. The problem I have been having is connecting my NatSoc beliefs with Cosmopolatinism. I don't believe it is natural for us to live among the other "Humans" and my way of coping is to think maybe the ancient philosophers didn't think of Africans, Indians and Arabs as fellow Humans.

Anyone else have trouble with this?

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