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Stoic Publishings

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Donald Robertson - How to think like an Emperor.
A great beginners book about stoicism, focusing on Marcus Aurelius Meditations, but also a bit of his history and those he was influenced by. It has great ties into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the influence the ancient stoics made on the field of modern psychology.

Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
The name says it all, a must read for Stoics. The above book by Robertson helps to comprehend the meditations. Written in 167 A.C.E, over 1800 years ago and still relevant for students of stoicism and philosophy.

Seneca - On Anger (De Ira)
Seneca's treatise on Anger and how to control it.

Epictetus - Enchiridion
A summary of Epictetus teachings by his pupil Arrian.

Just a few of the books that have influenced and aided my Stoic studies. Please share anymore you know about.
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Re: Stoic Publishings

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The Enchiridion is a superb document that one would do well to read perhaps annually. Also check out Modern Stoicism, which runs Stoic Week. That's held in October, something to watch out for.
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