Robert Kennedy Jr explains why Vax became dangerous

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Robert Kennedy Jr explains why Vax became dangerous

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Interview with Robert Kenned Jr. About the Berlin Protests and Corona Vaccines.
(Interview mit Robert Kennedy Jr. über die Berliner Proteste und Corona-Impfungen)
Stiftung Corona-Ausschuss

On Youtube
On Odysee

In short:
This video was recorded just before they started to rollout the vaccine in mass on the public.
When the vax-companies were except from liability, they all quickly developed vaccines without proper testing.
They also used all tricks in the book to make the vaccines seem safe and effective.
Effectiveness is measured via anti-bodies, not the actual health of the persons.
Testing with the actual disease/problem is avoided.
Safety is avoided by using the same ingredients in the placebo, and not comparing the results with the public outside the trial.

The Governments were setup to buy a lot of vaccines via certain legal tricks.
Google itself is part of Big Pharma.

There is a lot more about the mRNA vaccine problems.
1. 75% of the mRNA spreads all over the body. While it should stay in the shoulder.
Can damage reproductive system and cause miscarriages.
2. The cells producing mRNA will be attacked by the immune system, and this likely causes blood-clots.
(With chemical measurements we can detect these clots, and see them in most of the mRNA injected people)
3. The spike-proteins are toxic. And they are produced by the Ribosomes in the cells that receive the mRNA.
4. The animal trials have all failed. Now they are testing on humans.
5. Long term damage may come from prions generated from the mRNA and maybe mRNA gets reverse transcribed into the DNA.
6. Long term damage due to inflammation when the injected encounters the real virus.
7. Long term damage due to lowered resistance against variants (that avoid the vaccine).
The vaccinated can even increase the rise of variants.
8. Other components in the "vaccines", some of which are unknown.
9. Allergies against some components in the "vaccines".
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